Bizop-oly is an international game where participants will form teams and compete for “Bragging Rights” to be crowned the “The Titan Of Money”.

How it works? (1st Draft)

Participants will form teams. Teams can have unlimited members for now. Teams can consist of hip hop artists, fans, athletes, professionals and anyone who feels they have the skills, talent or ability to compete and win. Each team must raise enough money to purchase a billion dollar business or higher and turn a profit of some reasonable amount that will be determined by industry experts up front for each company and made within a specified period of time. A list of company choices will be provided. The list may include companies such as professional sport teams as in the WNBA, NBA, NFL, NLB or NLH team or Tech companies.

There may be multiple competitions occurring simultaneously as the number of participants increase. Each competition will have a degree of complexity and difficulty that will keep the players and viewers on the edge of their seats and the competition fierce.

Note: this is a rough draft. All feedback, questions and suggestions are welcomed.

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Individuals can invite the following to become their teammate

  • free agents*
  • any number of fans
  • any friend
  • any family member
  • any professional

Note: *Teams that do not have a complete roster will have the opportunity to draft from a list of free agents that include other artists, fans and athletes