Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to grow your audience

The concept of business ideas development.

Use AI and Machine Learning to help you

  • better understand your audience.
  • to analyze the conversations surrounding certain phrases, keywords and brands.
  • to help you better understand the types of content your audience is most interested in viewing and the types of products and services your audience is most interested in learning about which can help you market your own merchandise, products or services and/or the merchandise, products or services of others.

Your audience/customers want to be seen, known and understood and AI & ML can help you do so without having to spend thousands of

For Competitor Analysis | Use AI and Machine Learning

  • to analyze conversations of your competitors audience and/or customers experiences
  • to better understand the pain points that may allow you to lure in a new viewer or customer
  • to process the mounds of data your content is generating to gain a competitive advantage

For Content Creation | Use AI and Machine Learning

  • to automate a supportive reply to a comment on social media
  • to automate a response to a product/service inquiry ( repetitive, ongoing communication is perfect for AI because it saves you time that can be spent in other efforts.

For Content Optimization | Use AI and Machine Learning

  • to tailor the types of content to show your audience, be it text, photos, videos, or the perfect ratio of each
  • to help determine which specific words customers respond to best and tailor the tone of their messages, as well
    Today, more and more companies, brands, content creators(including possibly your competitors) and marketers are using sofisticated algorithms to help guide every communication decision

For Content Deployment| Use AI and Machine Learning

  • to learn what kinds of content your audience wants to see, and when the audience want to receive it and via what channel ( email, social, text, etc.) and how often
    There’s no one-size-fits-all to content marketing. Your Viewers/Customers are all individuals with personal tastes for when they like to view content, communicate and shop, so it’s imperative in today’s marketplace that you learn those perferences and tweak accordingly.

For Ad Optimization| Use AI and Machine Learning

  • to not just help you make money through effective marketing but also help you save money by avoiding campaigns that likely wont’ work for you.