I’m worth $10 million

The I’m Worth $10 Million Dollars Campaign purpose is to attract an investor or investors and explain why they should invest in me. I’m the investment slash project. I’m the opportunity.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Tell potential investors why they should invest $10 million in me.
Why Invest In Me: The 30,000 foot view

Given the obstacles and challenges I faced up to this point, I still managed to grind, grit, crawl, and claw my way up from the bottom to a $100k+ salary/per year, credit score of 719 and a mortgage pre-approval of half million dollars as of October 4, 2019.

There were many people who doubted me from the beginning when I had absolutely nothing, told me that I couldn’t do it, said I wouldn’t make it, that I’m not smart enough, or just laughed in my face. Even today I get the same despite how far I’ve come.

The question I ask is, how much more can I accomplish if more people would just stop doubting, hating, nay-saying or disbelieving and just help me in any way they can. If I’m able to concentrate more of my energy and attention on solving complex problems that continue to plague humanity, that will create jobs and produce millions to billions of dollars in profits instead of spending the bulk of my energy, time, or attention on insignificant matters such as my pressing financial obligations.

I now possess a unique set of skills, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that I have accumulated, developed & honed over 40 years after having worked on multi-billion, multi-million dollar projects for some very large companies including the Navy. I estimate the value to be worth at the very least $100 million.

I am confidant that I can solve a problem that will return a profit of $100 million dollars within 7 years minimum or 10 years max. Of the $100 million in profit your return will be $90 million. What I need is simply the opportunity to concentrate more of my energy and attention on a solving a $100 million dollar problem. Doing this now has been very challenging due to the fact that I must divide the bulk of my time & attention to my 9-5 work and my financial obligations. With your investment I can eliminate the attention I currently spend on my financial obligations and spend that attention on solving the $100 million dollar problem.

Please visit my linkedIn page to view my work experience and skills.

Proposed Investment Terms
  • Proposal #1
    • $10 million over 7 years
      • investor buys rights to future profits
      • I can then remove my attention away from any financial obligations and shift it to solving a multi-million dollar problem
    • $100 million in profits earned by year 10
      • $90 million to investor
    • Meetings
      • Weekly progress meeting 52 total per year
        • duration 15-20 minutes (estimated)
      • End of year evaluation (each year for 10 years)
        • Each year the investor(you) will decide whether or not you wish to continue yearly investments
  • Proposal #2
    • $700,000 investment total
      • investor buys right to future profits
      • I get the opportunity to eliminate a significant monthly expense(cost to purchase a home) and spend more of my attention on solving a multi-million dollar problem.
    • $1million to $10 million in profits earned by year 10
      • $90k to $9 million to investor
    • Meetings
      • Weekly progress meeting 52 total per year
        • duration 15-20 minutes (estimated)
      • End of year evaluation (each year for 10 years)
        • Each year the investor(you) will decide whether or not you wish to continue yearly investments

My Financial Picture

Profession: Software Engineer

Salary: $100k/per year

Credit Score: 719

Home: Estimated expenses for family of 6

  • Pre-approved for $550k mortgage at 4% interest as of 10/04/2019
    • Total estimated cost including taxes | insurance | hoa fees | utilities |  = $4,300/per month
  • Food: $850/ per month
  • Miscellaneous: $250/ per month
  • Maintenance/Reserves: $500/ per month (ideally until the cost of the roof and systems replacement is saved)

Child Support: $1400/per month

Cars: (2)

  • Gas: $200/per month
  • Maintenance/Reserve: $500/per month  (ideally until the cost of the powertrain is saved)
My life story highlights
  • At a point in my life I:
    • earned less than $10k per year & had no in-demand skills
      • now I earn a little more than $100k per year
    • was homeless, slept on the street, lived in a homeless shelter for 1 year , and had a credit score of 540
      • now I have a credit score of 719 and was pre-approved for a half million dollar mortgage at 4% interest 10/04/2019
    • was wild and out of control with the worst attitude
      • now I’m a proud disciplined military veteran (military minded)
    • grew up in Detroit (Highland Park, MI., 6mile & Woodward) where I attended the University Of Hard Knocks. It was an extremely hostile environment: surrounded by drugs, alcohol, guns, violence, prostitution, corruption, greed, and more in the city, neighborhood and even my home at one point
      • now i’m a married man with 6 children living in Braintree Massachusetts. It’s a wonderful city & we live in a wonderful neighborhood with good schools, friendly people, etc. Just picking up where my parents left off(I know life was very tough for my parents)
    • had to have open heart surgery at age 4. There were 2 other young boys who went into surgery that day my mom explains often but I was the only one who made it out of surgery alive that day.
      • my mom said she gave me over to the Lord that day prior to the surgery
      • not only did I live but I went on to serve my country in the U.S Navy
  • There were a few points in my life where I was homeless & once lived in a homeless shelter for 1yr.
    • During this time I managed to save $20k & bought my first home
      • a bank foreclosure for $10k
      • fully function but really outdated, new roof, new plumbing throughout
    • Some time ago I learned that banks had plenty of these types of properties lying around that they wanted to get rid of especially in less attractive areas
  • I was made aware that a a family of 6 was in foreclosure. I had been independently studying the business of banking, how the monetary system works & economics for some time. I remember wishing I had an opportunity to apply my newly acquired knowledge. I explained that I could help. They stared at me with disbelief in their eyes. They shared all of their failed attempts with the bank and the number of professionals who attempted to help but failed.
    • I drafted a proposal & presented it to the bank on the family’s behalf & the bank accepted
    • The family was amazed, they didn’t believe it would work
  • At a later one point in my life I changed my look entirely. Clean shaven with a low fade, suite or shirt, tie & dress slacks with a fresh pair of stacey adams. Curious if this would improve my chances and increase my opportunities
    • Looking like new money I went on a few interviews with real estate investment and or management companies. I hauled the books that I’ve been studying with notes and a presentation that included investment and taxation strategies. One interviewing manager was so impressed that she immediately contacted a head manager & part owner who happen to be in town & upstairs.
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