Master P started with a $10,000 investment!

Master P started with a $10,000 seed investment!⠀

Don’t be afraid to dream big! Don’t be afraid to fail; learn from it, then keep going!⠀

P explains how at index 24:23⠀
The Rise Of Master P⠀⠀

I’m Anthony Elam co-owner of Elam Enterprise Ltd. I’m looking to invest up to $10,000 dollars in an idea or business. ⠀

Reply here, direct message or email with the following⠀

Fund Seekers:⠀
(please provide the following in your post)⠀
*full name:⠀
*idea or business:⠀
*dollar amount you seek:⠀
*The reason you need funding: (1 or 2 sentences minimum; no more than 5. I will reach out to you for further details at a later point)⠀
*Please state yes or no if you also need other professional services: yes or no⠀

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