MasterTrackClass Initiative

We’re offering an online education platform in which students can access tutorials and lectures pre-recorded by experts in various fields. Partner with us to share your knowledge and empower the next generation of Masters.

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Earn money every time a student purchases your course. Get paid monthly through PayPal.

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Help people learn new skills, advance their careers, and explore their hobbies by sharing your knowledge.

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Elam Enterprise Ltd is here to help you change lives by connecting you (the instructor) with students around the world.

We’re here to help

Teaming up with Elam Enterprise offers you the following benefits:

  • Increased exposure & visibility
    • Our marketing budget & strategy will help you attract more attention.
  • Earn income
    • Supplement your income by earning money for the training content you create
  • Sponsorship( We Invest In You To Help You Grow )
    • We help you stay ahead and prepare for the ever-evolving future of work by granting you access to paid courses offered by Udemy, Udacity, Coursera and more.
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