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NOTE: The Music Platform described here is not yet available to the public. The url address to the platform will replace this note once I launch it live. Thanks.

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Who is this platform for?

This solution is for all:

  • producers
  • artists
  • music industry professionals

This initiative is for ALL but specifically aims to identify those who are in the beginning stages of building their follower base, building their brand, marketing their music, creating & selling their merch to start generating streams of revenue to take care of themselves and their family.

This platform is ideal & offers A UNIQUE USER EXPERIENCE for all NEW producers, artists & music industry professionals that help make the magic happen, including but not limited to A&R’s, Business managers, accountants, marketing professionals, lawyers, designers for creative artwork. 

Since NEW producers, artists & music industry professionals are all looking to establish themselves, a contract for future payments, percentage of profits, and/or royalties can be negotiated & agreed upon upfront and allow collaboration on projects to begin immediately so that well-polished products can be presented to the audience.

I see these collaborations developing into powerful & successful teams that include the necessary resources that ensure the future success of each team member equally.

I’m going to help you harness the power of technology, offer you the kind of insight necessary to help you identify and capitalize on every opportunity available within the music market and beyond as if you were backed by a large label or Tidal as well as help you present yourself & your brand in the best way possible.

  • This music platform solution
    • is FREE for you to use
    • is controlled by you 
  • All content that you create and post is 100% owned by you
  • All existing features and future features will be controlled by you (the USER)
  • This platform solution is here to serve you, I will be hosting and supporting it. 

Accepting only 100 signups (just your name and email) then I will go live with this web app.
This approach will allow us Test & Learn as we continue to roll out new features & improvements.
After each Test & Learn phase the next wave of signups will be allowed…then rinse & repeat.

Music Platform $Billionaire Power Play Plan

The Past: Label Shake & Take
It’s no secret that the $billion dollar record labels that we know today took advantage of many artists in the past and some continue till this day.
One could argue that these labels were forward-thinking and responsible for creating the thriving industry that exists today.

The Present & Future: Wealth, Security, Freedom & Power for each Artist’s & their team members
With that said, the focus of this platform is to simply help each artist assemble the best team possible to avoid predators & ensure success which we define as Wealth, Security, Freedom & Power. Check it out.

Team must-haves =’s Wealth, Security, Freedom & Power

Billionaire Power Play Plan =’s Wealth, Security, Freedom & Power

Each artist team must include but not be limited to the following:


To ensure success, your team must include but not be limited to the following professionals:

  • business side
    • legal
    • tax
    • marketing
    • business analysis
    • business manager
    • financial advisor(s)
    • Investment advisors
    • distribution
    • social media mgrs
  • technical side
    • technologists
    • film producers
    • editors
    • developers
  • music side
    • producers
    • publishers
    • writers
  • creative side
    • the creative team(artwork, logos, album cover art, etc)
Partnerships & Affilliations (global & Local)

Each artist team must focus on exploring the following revenue generating partnerships & affiliations (globally & locally)

  • music distributors
    • Apple iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc
  • tech
    • social media platforms
      • FB, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Triller, LinkedIn, etc
    • apps
  • music labels
  • designers
    • fashion
      • (artists inspired) apparel/clothes, shoes, bags, purses, hats, coats, accessories, phone protectors, etc
  • home
  • auto
  • health
    • healthy living, hair, body, & products
  • affiliations
    • walmart
    • whole foods
    • Service Providers
      • uber, uber eats, etc
Asset Protection

Once an artist’s team is established, the following should be prepared immediately or as soon as possible to ensure member assets are protected from day 1:

  • power of attorney agents
  • will & trust
  • estate plan
  • health insurance
  • life insurance
  • home(owned free & clear)
  • car(owned free & clear)
  • portfolio of assets
    • stocks, real estate, businesses, etc
Music Platform Current Features
  • Supports Multiple Artists, DJ’s, Talent Managers & more
  • Each of you can have your own MERCH SHOP
  • This platform is perfect for Presenting You, Your Brand, & Your Music in the best way possible
  • Your Landing page comes equipped with 
    • an incredible music player for your fans so they can listen to your tracks while they browse your page
    • create unlimited playlists SO THE MUSIC WON’T STOP
  • Easy page builder if you want to quickly spin up a blog article
  • Create discographies, countdowns, videos, and events
    • this platform is equipped with an events & gig manager 
    • post unlimited events
    • show upcoming or past gigs
    • fans can filter events by artists
  • Super Responsive
    • TV, Computer, Laptop, and Mobile 
Music Feature Ideas

Here you will be able to propose ideas or improvements for existing features as well as future features.

Platform Features

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