Real Estate Member Registration

Greeting & Goal/Initiative

Hey real estate members,

The project initiative is to provide those of us who have any interest in real estate with an immersive real estate experience. Our real estate member group will focus initially on the investment side of real estate. The group’s vision/mission also includes injecting( our interested members )into other aspects of real estate, such as real estate development, real estate broker/agent services, design services, property staging services, property remodeling/renovation, property rehabilitation, mortgage/lending services, real estate law, titling, lawn & garden, plumbing services, heating & cooling services, roofing, electrical services, etc. This project will allow members to learn as much as they want and apply it. I believe this is the recipe for success, and with the help of all our members, we will further refine & improve our approach. How can we accomplish this goal? (See investment strategy section)

Investment Strategy at a high-level

Real Estate Objectives:

  • Grow our real estate member group to 100k members so that we can more easily pool funds together(minimum of 25% of purchase price ) to invest in a wide range of both standard & luxury residential & commercial properties. 
  • Document the entire real estate journey for each property purchased or sold. 
  • Create and offer comprehensive & immersive real estate training courses & provide access to all potential real estate members.


Investment Strategy at a high-level: 

My bank(Navy Federal Credit Union) will loan 75% of a property’s purchase price to purchase either an apartment complex, hotel, or a portfolio of commercial & residential properties. There isn’t a ceiling, max loan amount, or max number of loans as long as the property cash flows. Cash flow means generating a profit to repay the loan amount. According to Navy Federal’s loan guidelines, we can purchase as many properties as the group desires. The real estate member group will pool funds to provide 25% of the purchase price. We will document the entire real estate journey of each property bought and sold, create a real estate knowledge bank and training courses, and grant access to all real estate members.  

The pros or benefits of this approach are, access to an extensive network of like-minded real estate investors.