Simply giving you a Hell-of-a-lot-more…

Hi, thanks for visiting. We’re glad you stopped by and are super excited to share this Hell-of-a-real-estate-opportunity with all current and future buyers.

Why Hell-of-Real-Estate Co?

In Real Estate we believe that having the right information at the right time is the key to finding the perfect home at that moment.

We say, “at that moment” because life can happen and when life does happen then, what was perfect a moment ago may no longer be perfect now. For example, a recently married couple who are working professionals found the perfect 1 bedrooom Condo. 3 years later they decided it is time for children and now realize they need more space. Let’s also assume this couple is financially conscience and wish to identify & capitalize on opportunties in the real estate market that will yield the highest return possible(resell value) and help them build wealth for their family.

I believe when most of us in any similar situation arrive at this point we almost immediately realize that we lack the necessary knowledge in this space to achieve our goals. We may not be sure where to begin or what questions to ask. I mean its almost impossible to ask questions about subjects that you were never introduced to. There are those whos time is maxed out by their profession & collecting, organizing & making sense of this information does take time; time you just simply don’t have to spare to conduct this type of research.

That’s where we come in. With us you simply get more…more information and more of your time back for yourself. We know you need this information. We know that buyers need to buy and sellers need to sell. Those needs, in turn, guide our collection strategies and allow us to produce appropriate intelligence products. We have a 6 Step Intelligence Cycle –> planning, collection, processing, analysis, dissemination & evaluation. Our efforts are ongoing for each property and doesn’t have to end when you purchase. Our fee for this service is very flexible for all needs (see the Fee for details)

Our services includes but are not limited to the following:

  • surveil the market for your perfect opportunity
  • investigate school districts
    • we make calls and meet face to face with schools Principal and School Board Members
  • investigate neighborhoods
    • we research city development & zoning plans to learn about events that could impact home values
    • we also reach out to policemen, firemen, postal workers and more
  • contact local real estate related service providers such as plumbers, electricians, heating & cooling, surveyors, home inspectors and more in order to
    • estimate home repair and maintenance cost (each property will be different)

Our Mission

To HELP homeowners sell and homebuyers buy, day one by any legal means necessary.

Our Vision

To HAVE one Hell-of-a-Real-Estate solution that encompasses all related real estate information, services and products.

Contact Us

Simply giving you a Hell-of-a-lot-more..

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Phone: 1-816-977-7108





Our fee for this service is

  • $150 up front to get started
  • $30/ per hour
    • we allow a running balance payable per month or on a per year bases
    • if you choose to pay monthly then the minimum montly payment required to continue services is $10
    • if you choose to pay yearly then the minimum yearly payment required to continue services is $120

Let’s get you signed up. Please scroll to the sign-up form below the social media links. If you have questions, please email us or phone. Thank you.