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‘Now is the time to act,’ W.H.O. chief says

‘This is not a drill,’ said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organization. “This is not a time for excuses.

Top US doctor says coronavirus now an ‘outbreak,’ possibly a ‘pandemic’

Fight Back Now!

In the news, citizens around the world, worried that their leaders are falling down on the job, and venting their anger, however, Elam Enterprise Ltd knows this outbreak requires the support of all human beings. No one can afford to sit on the sidelines and watch. We must contribute in any way possible and be as creative as possible.

Tech Against Death! 

Join Elam Enterprise Ltd in the fight against this disease/outbreak & others like it. 

  • We now have the technology to protect ourselves & our loved ones by leveraging E-Smart Systems that include technologies such as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to idenitify patterns in outbreaks such as these to predict where the outbreak is likely to spread next in order to avoid these areas and help contain these types of diseases 
  • Time is of the essence > In moments like these we need FASTER updates in real-time in order to react quickly, avoid suffering & prevent fatalities. E-Smart Systems can arm ourselves & our loved ones around the world with the POWER & ABILITY to quickly REPORT, REACT or RECEIVE notifications in order to AVOID or PREVENT DANGER

The Co-Founder/ CEO/ CIO Anthony Elam & his wife Co-Founder/ CFO Yvonne Elam has a history of fighting to protect their family, country, humanity and the world we live in. “We volunteered for the opportunity to serve and protect by joining the U.S Navy and we’ve founded Elam Enterprise Ltd to continue our efforts to serve and protect.”

We invite you to subscribe now to follow our efforts as we use tech to fight against diseases like the coronavirus.


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