Technology Consulting

  • Our tech consulting services focuses on helping you craft digital solutions for your business or personal needs.

Our Experience
  • Our experienced consultants have helped drive complex projects with budgets ranging from hundreds of thousands to multiple millions of dollars and have helped build digital solutions that power companies such as T-Mobile, Sprint, Vin Solutions(Autotrader co.), VMLY&R, KCP&L(now Evergy Energy), My Freight World
  • The digital solutions mentioned above include but are not limited to websites, web applications, native apps for apple & android devices, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain technology, e-commerce, and digital streaming.
    • Types of solutions built:
      • [ T-Mobile ] Streaming App(like Netflix), E-Commerce (Metro by T-Mobile)
      • [ Sprint ] E-Commerce (
      • [ KCP&L now Evergy ] Commercial Real Estate platform/application
      • [ My Freight World ] Transportation Management System(Logistics)
      • [ Vin Solutions an Autotrader co. ] Car Dealership CRM’s & complete Dealership Management Systems
What can you do for me?

  • First, we learn about your existing business goals, processes, challenges & obstacles
  • Second we assess your existing digital solutions to understand how its meeting your business needs and where it may be falling short.
    • This includes but is not limited to social media platforms or website builders like wix, weebly, shopify, wordpress and more.
  • Finally, we walk you through our recommendations.
    • These recommendations could range from small or minor adjustments and improvements to much more significant adjustments & improvements.
  • Support & Maintenance
How much does this service cost?